Topology map

Customize the Topology Map

  1. Re-arrange the layout
    • Select and move nodes with a click & drag
    • The pin/unpin icon next to a selected node disable/enable dynamic relocation
    • The map will automatically saves itself, you can press S to force saving

  2. Create visual zones
    • Press SHIFT and select multiple nodes to open the new zone panel
    • Name the new zone and customize its color
    • Save time by selecting Auto group in the search menu

  3. Expand/collapse nodes
    • Networks and gateways have a collapse/expand icon when selected
    • Visual zones are also collapsible

  4. Customize node labels and criticality
    • Select a node to open its information panel
    • Rename it, tag it with a category and a criticality value (untrusted, low, medium, high)
    • Change the type of network devices from firewall, router, or switch

  5. Create custom views
    • Press V to open the custom view panel
    • Select a subset of devices to generate a custom view
    • Switch among views through the custom view panel

  6. Import additional network data
    • Import scan report (from Nmap, Nessus, Nexpose) and netstat output to add new hosts, opened services, OS information, and vulnerabilities
    • Import PCAP trace files to display network communications and add new hosts
    • Import a hostname file to add new hosts and/or rename existing hosts
    • Import ARP tables (show arp on Cisco) and routing table (show route on Cisco) to add new hosts and improve the path analysis