NP-Live can generate Project Reports and NERC CIP-005 compliance report.

Project Report

A project report includes all the information that NP-Live extracted from your configuration files. You can customize the sections of the report that include:

  • Topology Summary
  • Configuration Assessment Reports
  • Asset Inventory
  • Object Group table
  • Rule Audit table
  • Path Analysis table

NERC CIP-005 Report

The assistant will guide you towards generating a NERC CIP report covering the following requirements:

  • CIP-005 R1.1: All applicable Cyber Assets connected to a network via a routable protocol shall reside within a defined ESP
  • CIP-005 R1.2: All External Routable Connectivity must be through an identified Electronic Access Point (EAP)
  • CIP-005 R1.3: Require inbound and outbound access permissions, including the reason for granting access, and deny all other access by default
  • CIP-005 R2.1: Utilize an Intermediate System such that the Cyber Asset initiating Interactive Remote Access does not directly access an applicable Cyber Asset

The workflow to generate the report includes 5 steps:

  • Identify Electronic Access Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Identify Electronic Access Points
  • Identify BES Cyber Systems
  • Review and justify access permissions
  • Review and annotate connectivity paths