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Updating NP-View

The Network Perception team pushes a new stable release every quarter. Releases are available for download on the Portal website.

How to know if a new version is available:

If you have Internet access:

  • If you selected "Check for update when NP-View starts" the first time you installed NP-View, then the application will automatically let you know if a new version is available. You can change that setting in the Help menu under Preferences.


  • From the Help menu, you can also select "Check for update" and a window will show you if a new version is available.


If you are offline:

  • You can compare the version number in the bottom left corner of NP-View with the version number available on the Portal website (Home page > Download Latest Version)

How to update NP-View:

  1. Go to the Portal website and select "Download Latest Version" from the home page
  2. Download the release of NP-View that matches your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
  3. Once downloaded, extract the zip file into a new folder
  4. Launch the NP-View executable from that new folder
Automated Update Feature (Windows only)

if you have access to the Internet and you check for an update inside NP-View, the automated update process will take care of downloading and installing the new version. You will simply have to restart the application when prompted.