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Getting started


NP-View is a firewall audit tool developed at Network Perception by a team of software engineers, researchers, and industry experts from the University of Illinois. NP-View works offline and does not need to connect to anything in the network.

Feature Overview

  • Lightweight: works offline and no installer needed
  • Firewall audit: check rulesets for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Topology map: generate and export a network diagram
  • Path analysis: detailed connectivity analysis and asset exposure
  • Data exports: generate reports and export data towards Excel


  • Make sure the Java Runtime Environment is installed (JRE version 7 or later). You can test by typing java -version in a command terminal.
  • Sign up on the Portal website to download the latest version of NP-View and to request a license key
  • Once downloaded, unarchive NP-View in a local folder
  • Go to the unarchived folder and launch NP-View:
    • Windows: double click on npview.exe
    • Linux: run ./
    • Mac: double click on

First Run

  • Add the license key information
  • Choose to check for updates or not