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NP-View Roadmap

This roadmap is updated every month. For a timeline of changes, please review the release notes. If you'd like to suggest new features or support for new data input, please contact

Please review supported devices for upcoming firewall, router, and switch parser.

Feature Info Status
Data input Firewall config file ✅
Router config file ✅
Switch config file ✅
Nmap scan report ✅
Nexpose scan report ✅
Nessus vuln. report ✅
PCAP trace ✅
Hostname file ✅
netstat -an ✅
Routing table from Cisco ✅
Routing table from netstat -rn ✅
Installer Windows desktop app ✅
Linux desktop app ✅
Mac desktop app ✅
Topology Java-based topology map ✅
Web UI topology map ✅
User-defined visual group ✅
Auto grouping ✅
Criticality markers ✅
Custom topology change ✅
Layer 2 visualization ✅
Data analysis Risk alerts ✅
Rule audit with justification ✅
Object group table ✅
Path analysis ✅
Multi-core analysis Planned for 2020
Stepping-stone analysis ✅
Change management Baseline change alert ✅
Configuration diff viewer ✅
Path comparison ✅
Reporting Project report ✅
Excel data export (CSV) ✅
Visio map export ✅
Config file sanitization ✅