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NP-View Release Notes (Java version)

NP-View 6

2020-03-03 NP-View version 6.0.1

  • Improved Checkpoint device selector
  • Improved ScreenOS parser
  • Fixed issue with object group parsing in Palo Alto

2020-02-15 NP-View version 6.0.0

  • Improved topology inference
  • Improved stability and usability
  • No longer trigger a high criticality risk alert for ICMP-only rules

NP-View 5

2020-01-14 NP-View version 5.9.8

  • Fixed issue with exporting Palo Alto ruleset to Excel
  • Improved Cisco parser
  • Improved Checkpoint parser

2019-12-24 NP-View version 5.9.7

  • Added prototype parser for Sophos firewalls

2019-12-19 NP-View version 5.9.6

  • Improved file categorization for Extreme switches
  • Improved Palo Alto parser
  • Improved Fortinet parser
  • Fixed exception with Checkpoint parser
  • Improved Cisco parser

2019-12-13 NP-View version 5.9.5

  • Improved topology inference
  • Fixed exception in Palo Alto parser
  • Improved Dell parser

2019-12-10 NP-View version 5.9.4

  • Added prototype parser for Dell devices
  • Improved Fortinet parser
  • Improved topology inference to better connect primary networks
  • UI improvements

2019-11-18 NP-View version 5.9.3

  • Improved support for Netstat
  • Improved Fortinet parser
  • Improved Cisco FTD parser

2019-11-06 NP-View version 5.9.2

  • Added support for Palo Alto interzone and intrazone rule types
  • Improved Palo Alto parser and added support for vwire interfaces
  • Improved config sanitizer

2019-10-18 NP-View version 5.9.1

  • No longer create VPN gateway if connected interface is shutdown
  • Improved Checkpoint support

2019-10-14 NP-View version 5.9.0

  • Added parser for Hirschmann device (beta)
  • Fixed Cisco TCPUDP and ICMP group parsing issues
  • Improved Checkpoint parser to include edge devices
  • No longer merge private subnets with identical names from different devices

2019-09-18 NP-View version 5.8.5

  • Added parser for Scalance X300 switches

2019-09-10 NP-View version 5.8.4

  • Added support for special characters in ruleset when importing from CSV
  • Improved support for Cisco NAT rules
  • Improved display of large VLAN ranges

2019-09-01 NP-View version 5.8.3

  • Added right-click option to align nodes vertically or horizontally
  • Improved Alcatel Lucent parser
  • Fixed baseline analysis issue
  • Improved expand/collapse node location and visual group handling

2019-08-25 NP-View version 5.8.2

  • Added standalone config sanitizer utility

2019-08-07 NP-View version 5.8.1

  • Fixed issue parsing Fortinet address groups
  • Added support for .W checkpoint rulebase files
  • Fixed issue parsing Palo Alto application groups

2019-07-21 NP-View version 5.8.0

  • Improved SEL-3620 and iptable path analysis
  • Added documentation to import HP switches and Azure Cloud firewall

2019-07-15 NP-View version 5.7.7

  • Added right-click menu item to clear selection
  • Added option to cancel a failed import into an existing project
  • User interface improvements

2019-07-07 NP-View version 5.7.6

  • Added feature to import criticality and groups from a CSV file
  • Improved user interface and visual groups
  • Improved workflow when importing Host and ARP files
  • Fixed issue with duplicated entry in baseline audit table

2019-06-12 NP-View version 5.7.5

  • Improved process to add new nodes from host/ARP/Nmap/PCAP/Netstat files and to keep custom changes across project versions
  • Added parser for Palo Alto ARP file
  • Added parser for Enterasys ARP file
  • Added parser for DNS zone files
  • Improved path analysis for IPTables and SEL-3620

2019-05-17 NP-View version 5.7.4

  • Imprroved Fortinet and Check Point parsers

2019-05-14 NP-View version 5.7.3

  • Improved Fortinet parser

2019-04-24 NP-View version 5.7.1 STABLE

  • Improved rule export to Excel

2019-04-15 NP-View version 5.7.0 STABLE

  • Improved Palo Alto parser
  • Improved UI

2019-04-09 NP-View version 5.6.21 STABLE

  • Improved Check Point parser
  • Improved temporary folder deletion process

2019-03-28 NP-View version 5.6.20 STABLE

  • Fixed issue related to associated zones with interfaces
  • Improved Juniper parser

2019-03-25 NP-View version 5.6.19 STABLE

  • Automatically populate path comments using rule comments
  • Improve format of path table section in project report

2019-03-18 NP-View version 5.6.18 STABLE

  • Improved support for user and application-based filters
  • Added custom field feature to rule audit table

2019-03-12 NP-View version 5.6.17 STABLE

  • Fixed import issue for Check Point
  • Improved RuggedCom parser
  • Fixed DNS lookup feature

2019-03-03 NP-View version 5.6.16 STABLE

  • Fixed issue related to restoring visual groups
  • Fixed issue related to saving project when rule audit table filters are applied

2019-02-25 NP-View version 5.6.15 STABLE

  • Improved loading time for large rulesets
  • Improved import of rule table (CSV format)

2019-02-14 NP-View version 5.6.14 STABLE

  • Improved pfSense / BSD parser
  • Fixed issue with change tracking

2019-02-04 NP-View version 5.6.13 STABLE

  • Improved ARP table import

2019-02-01 NP-View version 5.6.12 STABLE

  • Fixed issue related to re-opening a project with modified groups
  • Improved criticality labeling in rule audit table

2019-01-31 NP-View version 5.6.11 STABLE

  • Fixed import issue with FreeBSD parser

2019-01-29 NP-View version 5.6.10 STABLE

  • Improved criticality labeling in rule audit table
  • Improved support for Panorama device groups and virtual systems

2019-01-28 NP-View version 5.6.9 STABLE

  • Fixed issue with exporting rule audit table to CSV that were missing groups
  • Added source and destination criticality columns to rule audit table

2019-01-23 NP-View version 5.6.8 STABLE

  • Added support for device group in Panorama
  • Fixed issue with path analysis and ICMP
  • Fixed recursion issue when looking up zones in Sonicwall

2019-01-16 NP-View version 5.6.7 STABLE

  • Fixed binding to 'any' in Palo Alto
  • Added provenance information to ARP / Host / Nessus / Netstat parsers

2018-12-13 NP-View version 5.6.6 STABLE

  • Fixed issue related to egress interface binding verification in path analysis
  • Improved label for networks that have multiple aliases

2018-12-10 NP-View version 5.6.5 STABLE

  • Fixed issue related to rule binding in Palo Alto
  • Improved engine launch process
  • Improved import of additional file to create new hosts

2018-12-06 NP-View version 5.6.4 STABLE

  • Fixed path analysis issue involving VPN connectivity
  • Added ACL sources to list of peers
  • Improved arranged neighbors in circle or grid feature
  • Improved parsers for hostname, netstat, and ARP tables

2018-12-03 NP-View version 5.6.3 STABLE

  • Added parser for Extreme switches
  • Added parser for Amazon Web Firewall (EC2)
  • Fixed path analysis issue for Cisco router

2018-11-07 NP-View version 5.6.2 STABLE

  • Added parser for Netgear Pro Switch Series
  • Added risk alert for rules that don't have a comment set

2018-11-04 NP-View version 5.6.1 STABLE

  • Fixed issue with pair analysis involving groups
  • Fixed removing node from a visual group

2018-10-28 NP-View version 5.6.0 STABLE

  • Improved handling of existing engine process running
  • Improved support for dynamic objects in Palo Alto

2018-10-22 NP-View version 5.5.7 RC

  • Added initial parser for Enterasys switches
  • Fixed issue related to application group not displayed for Palo Alto

2018-10-16 NP-View version 5.5.6 RC

  • Improvements made to Checkpoint and Juniper parser
  • Fixed issue handling source NAT when it relates to route information

2018-10-08 NP-View version 5.5.5 BETA

  • Fixed exception in Cisco parser
  • Improved Junos parser
  • Fixed issue in rule audit filter manager
  • Improved object group notation throughout the UI
  • Introduced '*' notation to better identify 'ANY' values

2018-09-25 NP-View version 5.5.4 BETA

  • Improved support for Palo Alto virtual systems (vsys)
  • Fixed path analysis exception that could occur with Panos
  • Improved Cisco parser to support special characters in remarks

2018-09-19 NP-View version 5.5.3 BETA

  • Fixed issue related to ARP imports that include switch IP

2018-09-12 NP-View version 5.5.2 BETA

  • Fixed display of hosts in topology map
  • Restored group information in host property window
  • Improved CheckPoint and Cisco parsers

2018-09-05 NP-View version 5.5.1 BETA

  • Improved support for CheckPoint R80

2018-08-17 NP-View version 5.5.0 BETA

  • Transitioned to new internal format to store group information
  • Fixed exception in path analysis
  • Improved parsing of Cisco PAT rule

2018-08-04 NP-View version 5.4.2 BETA

  • Improved Palo Alto parser
  • Fixed issue related parsing NAT rule in Cisco
  • Improved Cisco FirePower parser

2018-07-30 NP-View version 5.4.1 BETA

  • Introduced multi-core path analysis feature
  • Extended dual-home connection feature to merge nodes multiple times
  • Improved support for NAT in pfSense parser
  • Added parser for Cisco FirePower
  • Improved topology inference performance

2018-06-27 NP-View version 5.3.11 BETA

  • Fixed issue saving rule comments into project file
  • Parse Cisco aaa accounting statement

2018-06-25 NP-View version 5.3.10 BETA

  • Added support for Check Point R80
  • Improved path halt analysis

2018-06-19 NP-View version 5.3.9 BETA

  • Deprecated fast path analysis option and renamed full to standard analysis
  • Improved parsing of interface block from Palo Alto configuration file
  • Added shutdown label next to networks attached solely to a shutdown interface

2018-06-11 NP-View version 5.3.8 BETA

  • Added change tracking button to object group table to highlight changes across versions

2018-05-31 NP-View version 5.3.7 BETA

  • Improved Juniper Junos parser

2018-05-24 NP-View version 5.3.6 BETA

  • Added change tracking button to rule audit table to compare rule changes
  • Improved pfSense parser

2018-05-14 NP-View version 5.3.5 STABLE

  • Updated BigDestIP risk alert to sum up IP ranges instead of checking them individually
  • Added new risk alert BigSrcIP to trigger when the source range is larger than /24 or /20
  • Added new risk alert BigDestPort to trigger when destination port ranges has more than 1,000 port numbers
  • Switch from white list of risk alert in (risk_plugin) to exclusion list (risk_plugin_excluded)

2018-05-07 NP-View version 5.3.4 STABLE

  • Added 'trust' and 'untrust' to criticality.csv
  • Improved configuration file identification

2018-04-30 NP-View version 5.3.3 STABLE

  • Improved selection of visual groups in the map
  • Added PDF export to rule audit table

2018-04-05 NP-View version 5.3.0 STABLE

  • Improved Palo Alto parser
  • Improved rule audit Excel export
  • Improved display of application in rule audit table

2018-03-26 NP-View version 5.2.4 RELEASE CANDIDATE

  • Fixed issue that occurred when deleting a group before saving a project
  • Added new rule audit table export format - Excel (.xlsx) with rich formatting
  • Improved criticality highlight in rule audit table

2018-03-12 NP-View version 5.2.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE

  • Improved support for Cisco NAT
  • Added button 'remove group' to Map toolbar

2018-02-25 NP-View version 5.2.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE

  • Fixed bug in saving/loading project that have comments attached to rules
  • Improved rule audit table

2018-02-19 NP-View version 5.1.7 BETA

  • Improved scalability of rule audit table for large object groups
  • Improved Palo Alto parser including support for bi-directional NAT rules

2018-02-05 NP-View version 5.1.5 BETA

  • Added lookup of applications and services for Palo Alto devices
  • Added information about Java version (including 32 or 64 bit) in support logs
  • Break down object group content in CSV export over multiple rows

2018-01-26 NP-View version 5.1.4 BETA

  • Improved rule audit table export/import features
  • Added rule sequence number and source / destination binding information to rule audit table
  • Added application column to rule audit table
  • Added multi-line rows and customizable row height option to rule audit table

2018-01-18 NP-View version 5.1.3 BETA

  • Made rule audit table more memory efficient

2018-01-16 NP-View version 5.1.2 BETA

  • Automatically create visual groups based on interface zones
  • Improved Palo Alto parser

2018-01-15 NP-View 5.1.1 BETA

  • Fixed path analysis hanging issue

2018-01-11 NP-View 5.1.0 BETA

  • Added support for VTY access lists
  • Fixed issue in path analysis engine related to handling overlapping deny rules with large object groups
  • Added new import option to parse the output of the Cisco command 'show arp'
  • Improved hostname file import

2017-12-15 NP-View 5.0.4 BETA

  • Added new risk alert for Interactive Ports (FTP, Telnet, SSH, Web, RDP)
  • Added feature to automatically create hosts when importing hostname file (new 'Hosts' button in File toolbar)
  • Improved Netstat import
  • Added right-click option on device to change icon (firewall, router, switch)
  • Fixed bug in rule information shown in project report and path table export spreadsheet

2017-11-15 NP-View 5.0.3 BETA

  • Added larger font size option to Help > Preference > Font size
  • Improved export of rule audit table to Excel to handle values with carriage returns
  • Improved parsing of Cisco ACL to support 'established' rules
  • Added support for transparent Fortinet firewalls

2017-11-02 NP-View 5.0.2 STABLE

  • Fixed issue in user-defined group encoding
  • Improved BSD parser
  • Improved path analysis

2017-10-11 NP-View 5.0.1 BETA

  • Improved path analysis involving unmapped nodes
  • Added option to mark dual-homed hosts as gateways (traffic pass thru)
  • Fixed file access issue when importing config files from a subfolder

2017-10-03 NP-View 5.0.0 BETA

  • Introduced new path filtering toolbar with save/restore and per-zone filter
  • Refactored encoding of object groups (requires old projects to be converted)
  • Added parser for VMWare NSX / vShield
  • Automatically add hosts to topology from imported hostname file
  • Refactored baseline analysis for better performance

NP-View 4

2017-09-22 NP-View 4.6.11 BETA

  • Added CTRL+F shortcut to focus on search bar
  • Restored Nmap import feature

2017-09-10 NP-View 4.6.10 BETA

  • Added dynamic routing simulation (OSPF) to path analysis option
  • Added auto-save option in Help > Preference menu
  • Fixed bug related to save/restore of rule annotations

2017-08-28 NP-View 4.6.9 BETA

  • Introduced unused rule analysis to report risk alerts for shadowed and redundant rules
  • Added shortcut keys G and C to arrange nodes in Grid and in Circle
  • Automatically reload config files when adding custom changes on existing project
  • Fixed rule usage column
  • Added option to remove custom color from nodes

2017-07-12 NP-View 4.6.8 BETA

  • Improved Palo Alto parser to support Panorama sp-config.xml shared rules
  • Improved parsing of object groups in Cisco

2017-06-14 NP-View 4.6.7 BETA

  • Improved path analysis
  • Improved ScreenOS parser and topology inference

2017-06-08 NP-View 4.6.6 BETA

  • Fixed issue in topology inference that could cause internal IP to be unmapped
  • Improved handling of hostnames and labels
  • Add preference option to optimize backend memory saving

2017-05-31 NP-View 4.6.5 BETA

  • Improved Palo Alto parser to parse L2 zones and L3 VLAN/virtual/HA interfaces
  • Improved Cisco parser to support ACL rule with multiple ports
  • Added IP randomizer to config file sanitizer feature

2017-05-11 NP-View 4.6.4 STABLE

  • Added snmp community and tacacs key string to list of sanitized information
  • Added secure file delete method to remove temporary project folder
  • Deprecated saving a copy of the logs into np-view.log

2017-05-10 NP-View 4.6.3 STABLE

  • Added form to annotate object groups
  • Added project history timeline
  • Added feature to customize description field for hosts
  • Fixed issue with check update feature

2017-04-27 NP-View 4.6.2 BETA

  • Added new parser for FreeBSD Packet Filter (PF)
  • Added options to customize risk alert levels (low, medium, high)
  • Improved risk alert plugin for well-known Microsoft service ports
  • Improved parsers to handle non-unicode characters
  • Fixed issue related to double quotes in interface names
  • Added new parser for netstat output files from Windows and Linux

2017-04-14 NP-View 4.6.1 BETA

  • Added shortcut key 'Escape' to clear selection and highlights in the map
  • Improved regular expression to identify Cisco configuration files
  • Added option to remove a device from a project (new right-click option in Project tree panel)
  • Make sure rule ID sequence are correctly initialized in rule audit table. Added rule ID to project report.

2017-04-02 NP-View 4.6 BETA

  • Added PCAP file parser in the engine
  • Improved Palo Alto and ScreenOS parsers
  • Added preference option to invert mouse wheel direction
  • UI improvements

2017-03-07: NP-View 4.5.2 STABLE

  • Enabled diff config file viewer when importing multiple versions of a file
  • Fixed issue on Windows to enable the import of newer versions of input files
  • Fixed engine startup issue on Windows due to Python issue 21871

2017-02-15: NP-View 4.5.1 STABLE

  • Fixed bug caused by space in workspace folder
  • Added option in Help > Preference menu to increase font size
  • Improved Mac OS bundled app

2017-02-11: NP-View 4.5 STABLE

  • Fixed log panel issue that could hide contact support button
  • Improved Fortinet parser
  • Improved IPTables parser
  • Improved Palo Alto parser
  • Improved Cisco parser and fixed parsing of service object group
  • Improved ScreenOS parser
  • New feature to set criticality level and highlight rule audit and path tables accordingly
  • Fixed issue that caused nested networks to be hidden in the map
  • Improved support for dual-homed hosts

2016-12-14: NP-View 4.4 STABLE

  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed path analysis issue involving ICMP service group

2016-12-01: NP-View 4.4 RC

  • Added RuggedCom ROX parser
  • Added support for transparent firewalls
  • Added custom change features to topology map with support for dual-homed hosts, attaching unmapped IP, and creating layer-2 links
  • Improved support for layer 2
  • Added criticality markers for hosts and gateways in the GUI
  • Improved highlight of path analysis results
  • Improved unused address group risk alert
  • Added Netscreen parser and updated Juniper parser to include interface description
  • Fixed path analysis issue on Cisco ACL bound to egress interface (thanks to Empire District Electric)
  • Added network access summary and config file occurrences for nodes in the GUI
  • Added asset inventory section to project report

2016-10-17: NP-View 4.4 BETA

  • Added custom colors to groups
  • Improved Juniper parser, added Netscreen parser
  • Improved NAT parsing in CheckPoint
  • Added parser for CheckPoint identity_roles.c
  • Extended scope of ruleset and log sanitization

2016-08-24: NP-View 4.3

  • Nmap import feature
  • Improved path analysis
  • Improved path table

2016-06-15: NP-View 4.0

  • New path audit table
  • Improved map layout
  • Visio 2010 compatibility

NP-View 3

2016-04-20: NP-View 3.4

  • Change tracking feature
  • New rule filter
  • SVG and Visio export

2016-01-25: NP-View 3.3

  • New reporting feature
  • Improved UI and engine

2015-12-09: NP-View 3.1

  • Bug fixes
  • UI improvements

2015-11-19: NP-View 3.0

  • Bug fixes
  • New rule audit feature
  • UI improvements

NP-View 2

2015-08-13: NP-View version 2.6

  • Cisco parser fixes

2015-08-03: NP-View version 2.5