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NP-Live is a security and compliance monitoring platform. It passively analyze configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches to generate a visual topology map and to assess security and compliance issues. It can automatically updates the network topology map and access path information each time your configurations change or a network event occur. The main benefits are to:

  • Save time by having NP-Live automatically retrieve and monitor your configuration files.
  • Continuously monitor your firewall logs to build a complete picture of your organization network.
  • Increase security by automatically verifying your network security policy and assuring its correct implementation.
  • Gain understanding by visually reviewing network changes and understanding their impact.
  • Reduce risks by receiving alerts when access path analysis or topology changes are detected.
  • Save resources by automatically monitoring ports and services and by simplifying your NERC CIP compliance efforts.

Downloading NP-Live

NP-Live is available as a Virtual Appliance under the OVF formats. Please contact the support team at to receive the latest download link. You can also evaluate NP-Live through the live demo available at

Setting up the network

Once downloaded, the Virtual Appliance can be launched on premise through an hypervisor such as VMWare ESXi. The appliance shell will guide you through setting up the network configuration and then launching the NP-Live server.

Configuring the authentication

Once the network has been configured, you should be able to connect to NP-Live using a Web browser to port 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS). The first time you connect, NP-Live will display a Welcome screen to decide which authentication method to use:

  • Local: to create a local administrator account
  • Portal: to use your Network Perception Portal credentials (requires Internet access)
  • LDAP/AD: to connect NP-Live to your Active Directory or LDAP authentication service
  • Radius: to connect NP-Live to your Radius authentication service

Adding your license

Once the authentication has been configured, you will see the NP-Live home page on which you can explore the demo workspace, or create your own workspace. Before creating your workspace, please add your license key information through the License and Terms option in the user menu (top right corner of the home page). A license key can be generated or requested through the Portal website at

Creating your workspace

Once the license has been added, you can select New to create your first workspace and import your configuration files. Configuration files can be imported manually, or by adding a connector to a shared folder (SSH, SAMBA), a network device (Cisco, Panorama), or a network management software API (Solarwinds NCM, Tripwire, Forescout, HP Network Automation).

You can also use the demo workspace to explore the various features of NP-Live.

Configuring your SMTP server

NP-Live can automatically send you a report by email for changes and activities impacting your workspaces. Within a workspace, select the search bar menu (top left corner) and then "Alert notifications" followed by "E-mail". The Automated E-mail Report Settings window offers a "Setup email server" option to add your local SMTP parameters.

If you have any issue deploying NP-Live or importing your file, please contact the support team at